Queuing Management System

Queuing Management System

The queue management system is a set of tools and sub-systems assist in controlling customers’ flow, managing the waiting time and enhancing customers’ experience for multiple industries including banking, healthcare, retails, education, government .The queue management system already developed for decades. Most of the Queue management systems are ticket based currently, customers take a ticket when they enter a bank, post office, telcom store etc. and proceed to the service counter when called, there are no more physical lineup. People siting and not lineup anymore, with this better service system, the penetration rate of queue management system is 100% in some industries/countries; it is a must have system in these sites.

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Benefit of Queue Management system

sliding swing gate automation
  • Built In web Server
  • Customized Management
  • Multi language support
  • service categorization
  • Efficient Ticket Management
  • priority customer Handling
  • Email Alert Notification
  • Video, Pictures & Text Message Promotions on Main Displays
  • Customized Token Designs.
  • Auto-Stop Facility

How our queue management helps

By providing customer service agents with time-saving tools and giving managers better control and planning tools.By providing dynamic, customer-focused promotional or informative messages to arriving and waiting customers.By keeping order in the waiting areas, providing waiting customers with clear info, and enabling better service. Agents having access to fast and efficient mechanism of calling customers, serving them within no time and spark the sense of competition within employees.

queue management system


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